Dilian Popov

Chairman of the Board

Founder of IT companies in cloud infrastructure, cloud integration and migration, telecom, internet marketing, BPO and consulting sectors.

Financial exec with broad experience in all aspects of financial management. Direct experience with Cloud, VoIP, SIP, real estate, derivatives, financial consulting and alternative forms of funding.

Specialties: cloud, telecom, internet marketing, alternative funding, new financial structures 
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Ivelin Ivanov

Member of the Management Board

A highly accomplished IT industry executive and entrepreneur, Ivelin Ivanov brings 12+ years of specialized experience spanning multiple facets in development & management. Starting at the entrepreneur level, Mr. Ivanov founded two successful IT firms that serviced a range of companies and clients. In addition, he held advisory board member position (GoFreight.com.au) and Member of the Management Board(ICT Cluster - Varna) that entailed overseeing all sales, marketing, operations and administration.
Specialties: SaaS, CRM, CSM, CMS,  ERP & OTA connectivity, IoT, Tailored Product Development, Cloud Application Development
Executive management expertise in: global hospitality, IT revenue management, online channel distribution strategy, custom application development, product development/services, eCRM,  corporate strategy, international expansion, social media, mobile development and marketing, Hosting, IT Services & Outsourcing
Companies Mr. Ivanov has worked with include, but are not limited to: TomTom, REWE, Telstra, BluLynx, La Place, DentRefer and more.
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Todor Dobrev

Member of the Management Board

I have joined the founders of ICT Cluster-Varna because:
- The digital technologies are now part in a lot of processes. It is necessary to help the learning and the traditional industries to be “up-to-date” while using innovative technologies. The competitive advantage based on the technologies is prominent for the modern man.

Professional life and skills:
- Master’s Diploma in Informatics since 1997;
- Co-founder of many companies operating in the sphere of Information technologies, Visualization, Advertisement, Entertainment, Creation of Technological solutions;
- Managing partner in TEMPUS 2000 Ltd (a technology company focusing in the management of printing solutions, additive technologies and information security);
- Manager in projects related to the implementation of manageable digital printing solutions of the highest class – 69 projects in total;
- Manager in projects related to the implementation of visualization systems – 15 projects in total;
- Manager in projects related to the implementation of 3D solutions (printing and scanning) – 11 projects in total;
- Supervisor in the team for the development of systems for mass services – a patented system for monitoring, control and management;
- Consultant and part of the team working on the implementation of systems in information security – 17 projects in total.

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