- To promote development of information and communication technologies, consulting and maintenance management, ICT integration and training, and to develop and conduct various training programs.

- To co-operate with its members in distribution of technical information and promote growth of their marketing activities.

- To provide a forum for discussions on technical and business issues, and ensure co-ordination among its members and organizations of different business sector types.

- To arrange meetings, seminars, conferences, and training courses.

- To ensure co-ordination among the members of the organization.

- To attract and integrate universities in order to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization.

- To protect the interests of the regional companies in execution of government and public contracts.

- To promote interest in information technologies amongst teenagers.

- To participate in local and international organizations and associations with similar objectives.

- Varna to become a leading ICT development center of national and international importance and size.

- To develop an adequate infrastructure with relevant number of employees in order to attract big companies to develop structures and make their investments in the region.