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The Varna ICT Cluster is an non-governmental organization, union of companies representing the ICT business from the region of Varna and several companies from ICT-supporting industries , that strives to develop itself as a regional economy’s competitiveness driver and a know-how transfer center.

After a one-year of preliminary work and following an approved 3-year strategy the Varna ICT Cluster has been formally established in August 2008 as an open environment for creative and innovative companies and partners working in the field of the use and promotion of the information and telecommunications’ technologies in the region of Varna. It main mission is to federate regionally common and specific knowledge and know-how in the field of ICT.

The Varna ICT Cluster has identified 4 strategic directions laid down in its strategy that drives its ongoing initiatives realized regionally:

- To federate ICT knowledge and competencies through a better cooperation between companies as well between business and academia, supporting the ICT professionals’ continuing education and professional development

- To promote and disseminate best practices and trends for and through the development of information technologies in all the business and social areas thus developing a better market environment for ICT companies

- To encourage the efforts of all stakeholders, companies and supporting organizations in promoting the knowledge society through proactive participation in the regional ICT policies development

- To ensure a common branding, positioning and promotion of the Varna ICT cluster as an union of innovative, creative and proactive ICT companies and partners from supporting industries with a common vision and mission for a better and more sustainable market position.

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